Solvency 2 – Lessons Learnt (Part 1)

I haven’t posted in a while; partly from a lack of inspiration but mostly from the fact that I’ve been eye-ball deep in Solvency 2 data related activity. However I thought it would be good to try and get back into the habit of posting as I find it helps my own thinking as well as being a useful vehicle to garner thoughts and comments from others. We’ll see how I get on.

There has been a lot of European debate around Solvency 2 and the timetables related to implementation of the directive and I don’t want to go into all the ins and outs but the simple fact is that it feels as though momentum has been lost somewhat. Especially given the fact of where we are in relation to the original implementation timescales. A lot of firms seem to be taking stock of where they find themselves and are using the time look back at where they’ve come from as well as reassessing where they are heading. I thought I’d do something similar and take a reflective look at some of the lessons (from a data management perspective) we can already take from the Solvency 2 journey that can be applied to any project. Part one looks at the ever important business case:- Continue reading