Aiming for Minimum

Working within the financial sector for the last eight years has meant that I have been involved in a number of projects dealing with regulatory imperatives. Something that has always infuriated me is the desire for many organisations to deliver only the minimum necessary to achieve compliance. Don’t get me wrong I understand the dangers associated with aspirational plans and the over-engineering of ‘gold-plated’ IT developments, but the desire for minimum can be even more dangerous. Continue reading

So What?

One of the most frustrating questions I can hear as a data quality practitioner is simply two words; “so what?”

It’s not that it’s a difficult question to answer (although attributing costs and impacts can be challenging) it’s just that I can’t help but find this question at times a lazy and ignorant response to the raising of a data related issue. It often belittles a problem and inadvertently endorses a culture that is largely indifferent to data. Continue reading

The Big Sell

Teamwork ImageI recently started a discussion topic over at asking people to discuss how they have managed to achieve buy-in to data quality related initiatives. There have been some fantastic responses so I thought I’d take some time to summarise some of the emerging themes and throw in some others:

Continue reading